What We Offer


Bringing your pets on holiday should be a fun experience and we want you to relax and enjoy your time here at Boturnell.

What we offer:-

  • Unlimited pets stay for free, except horses and ponies for which there is a livery charge
  • Unlimited access to the whole cottage, we want you to treat your cottage as you would your own home, as your pets wonít understand the difference.
  • Throws for the furniture. If your dog usually sleeps on the sofa, heís not going to stop for a week! If you need more, just ask at the farmhouse.
  • Stairgates,in case you do not want access all areas and open all hours!
  • Animal first aid kit in our porch (and a human one) and the name and phone number of 2 local vets in the welcome pack.
  • Every cottage has an enclosed area, some larger than others, but all designed for those late night and early morning comfort breaks.
  • Use of our 8 acres of woods, we do ask that dogs are kept on the lead in the farmyard, as your dog might be good with other animals, but many of our visitors, and indeed our own, come with traumatic history, and donít respond well.
  • If you need a flat area to exercise, please see any of the team, as sometimes we can make a field available, by reshuffling the horses around.
  • You are welcome to leave your pets in the cottages unattended, we trust you to trust them. We can let them out for a wee, if you are gone for some time, by prior arrangement.
  • We do have crates, if you are used to them, but donít have room in the car. Book prior to arrival please.
  • Dog sitter Jannette Johnson